ProPublica: "Lost Mothers" Event Toolkit 

Worked with the vice president of business development and the director of marketing to develop an event toolkit around the "Lost Mothers" investigative series. This series about maternal health was produced in partnership with the NPR. The event toolkit was proposed to maximize the impact of the reporting, and further engage with affected communities around the issue. To create this initiative, I interviewed parents to find out how they communicate about maternal health. I also conducted a thorough analysis of various event kits models, which included talking to TEDx organizers to find out what kind of support they needed. Finally, I combined my research and interviews to outline and produce the event toolkit. Ultimately, this initiative helps spread the geographical reach of ProPublica's reporting and urges more communities to talk about the maternal health issues.

Check out the kit here


Social Media 

As a social media editor for the Office of International Admissions at the University of Missouri, I built the offices' social media presence. When I started there were very few posts and a reach of no more than 100 people on Facebook, and in a little over a year I was able to grow it by 44x.

#YouAreWelcomeHere is a video I edited and produced with the Office of Domestic Admissions went viral across the University of Missouri Campus. The video gathered more than organic 89K views and 1,000 shares. It also sent a message of inclusivity during a time when tensions within the international community on campus were exceptionally high. The video was repurposed for marketing efforts, as recruiters travelled around the world to promote the university. 

I also created with various social media campaigns, including video, email, and social banners. Tracked Facebook and Twitter analytics, created paid social  Facebook campaigns targeting specific international demographics.  Some of those initiatives included:

  • Slang Stories - Social Banners sharing stories of international students on campus learning American slang.
  • Global Tigers Travels - User generated and crowdsourced videos/photos highlighting international students' experiences beyond the classrooms during the holidays.
  • Build relationships on campus with other international student organizations, attended events, used cross promotion to get wider reach.
  • International Ambassador Tips - Video series highlighting experiences of International students on campus. Those students are available for web calls to answer potential students questions, often in their native language. Videos on average gained around 2K views. 


Photography and Travel